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20th Annual Celebrity Mascot Games Review

Justin Jolley

Welcome to MascotInsider’s Coverage of the 20th Annual Celebrity Mascot Games. It was an honor to be invited this year as part of their Media. We had the opportunity to help cover the best games in Orlando, FL. This review will cover Saturday’s event, but the photos will also include some from Friday’s event.

So let’s begin..

Around 12:20 PM, we joined up with Adam Tursdell, Ozzie’s mascot escort. We went to the elevator and before you knew it, the madness began! Ozzie spotted a sliver cart that’s normally used to transfer food and other stuff and he sat on it. Adam asked him if he wanted a ride and he shook his head up and down, yes, Other mascots, Stormy from the Carolina Hurricanes and Baby Jay from the University of Kansas, joined in on the fun. By the time we approached the third floor, Ozzie was still on the cart, but the other mascots had decided to walk. I helped push him all the way to the table; it made many other local crew members that worked for Amway Center have a laugh. Unfortunately, I could not see ahead of me and I ended up bumping into a mascot making him fall down, he was okay though and we all moved forward.

Before the kids came in to greet the mascots, I had an opportunity to present an award to Ozzie; he won “favorite mascot”. I got a few photos, watched the kids have an amazing time getting autographs and photos with their favorite mascot and getting kicked in the knee by another mascot. Eventually, it was time to return the mascots to the locker rooms. Ozzie got into his cart and I pushed him all the way to the elevator, of course, he fell out of the cart twice. He pretty much didn’t trust me to push him anymore, so he walked back the rest of the way and volunteer Adam dropped him off.

Finally, The 20th Annual Celebrity Mascot Games began! All the awesome mascots were welcomed into the games. They entered by running out of the tunnel by their team color, either Red, Blue, Green or Yellow. The introductions concluded and the mascots began to work through three of the first challenges. There was running, a challenging obstacle course called “Gridiron 5k Cross Fit Challenge” and there was a game called “The Pizza Hut Hungry Hungry Mascots” where the mascots had to try and grab the most pizza boxes while other mascots tried to prevent the opposing team from getting them. After that, the next challenge was called “Truly Nolen Mascot Squeeze” where one team of mascots had to try and fit into an incredibly tiny car while being chased by another team.

The mascots finally got a break and Gina, Orlando Magic’s good luck charm, was once again the half time entertainment. She did an AMAZING job. Once that was over, the next challenge was “Clear Channel Outdoor Joust”. For the first time ever, MascotInsider strapped a Go Pro Camera onto Ozzie. It will give you an experience like never before! You’ll be able to see that in an upcoming post soon. In this competition, mascots had to joist each other, the last one remaining would be declared the winner! The final challenge was called “Coca Cola Obstacle Course”. In this challenge, the mascots had to go through a bunch of obstacle courses including going up a rock wall at the end of the course.

After all the teams battled their way though these difficult challenges, the winner of Saturday’s game was declared. The… BLUE team was the winner! Fin has battled it out in the Celebrity Mascot Games for two years and helped the Blue Team gain a championship title. That ended the 20th Annual Celebrity Mascot Games.

Check out all our media coverage from this year’s Celebrity Mascot Games including, photos and videos below!

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Here's The 2012 Orlando Magic Blue Team:

Mike the Tiger - Louisiana State University

Ace - Toronto Blue Jays

Rangers Captain - Texas Rangers

Wildcat - University of Kentucky

Big Jay - University of Kansas

Fin - Vancouver Canucks

Shades - Orlando Solar Bears

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Wawa Yellow Team:

Stanley C. Panther - Florida Panthers

Lil' Red - University of Nebraska

Captain Fear - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Sebastian - University of Miami

Alberta - University of Florida

Bucky Badger - University of Wisconsin

Albert - University of Florida

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