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An Interview with Chompers

Insider Justin

Mascot Insider is excited to present another Mascot Interview this time we are interviewing Chompers from the Yartford Yard Goats his pal Caden helped with the answers check them out below! 

What is a Favorite Skit you've done in the Past?  

My favorite skit I’ve done was a WWE  style royal rumble with 10 other mascots at a hockey game. It was in a big inflatable wrestling wring we all got in and once the bell rang everyone went at it. I had a WWE championship belt with the Hartford yardgoats logo on it and I lifted it up in the air and knocked someone over the ropes with it and the crown went insane it was the best feeling and the most memorable skit I’ve ever done so far. 

Are there any mascots in which you idolize?   

The mascots I “Idolize” are KC wolf and Stuff the Magic Dragon. I idolize them because ever since I was little and liked mascots I would always think to myself it’s crazy the amount of stuff they can do in that big suit and I never really understood how much it really takes to do that until I got in a suit that big (Chompers). 

How do you collaborate with ChewChew 

I collaborate with ChewChew on TikTok we go to the baseball stadium once a week to load up on TikToks to post throughout the week. We also go to appearances together all the time and it’s truly amazing how much Chompers and ChewChew click when they do appearances together

What have you been doing since the Extended Off Season of Baseball? 

During the extended off season I have been joining  Zoom calls for kids and adults that have birthdays, I go to off site appearances and do drive by birthday party’s for kids and adults around CT it’s really awesome to put a smile on peoples faces especially in a time like now. Another thing I during the extended off season is make lots of TikToks and make Tweets for the Chompers twitter account. 

Based on what we’ve seen from your online Bio, we understand you like to do Bat Chewing any brand particular that you like the most? 

My favorite bat to chew would probably be a slugger Bat. 

We wanna thank Chompers and his pal Caden for taking the time to do an interview with us. You Can follow Chompers on TikTok, Twitter and can follow some of his adventures on the Facebook Team Page.

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