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An Interview with Mini Mascot

Insider Justin

Mascot Insider is excited to be taking a moment to interview Mini Mascot one of the First Kids Professional Mascot. 

What Team does he want to be on that he currently hasn't performed for?  

The Minnesota Vikings. Their football stadium seems really cool and Viktor the Viking is great! He came to our school last year to do an assembly and he was super fun to be around! 

What was it like getting a chance to work with Blue from the Colts?  

Fun! I got to be Blue, Junior and also got to try on their Blue Air suit. That was really cool and way different than a mascot head. The fans at the Colts game were crazy and made it so fun!

What is a Favorite Skit you've done in the Past?

My favorite skit was the Thunderstruck video with Benny the Bull. You can watch it on my Facebook page (Mini Mascot). We practiced most of the day and the players were warming up before the game and they watched us go through the skit. They thought it was funny so I knew it was going to work. The crowd went crazy when we did it during the game. I loved it! 

Do you have any input with whom you work or get to collaborate with? 

I watch a lot of videos of mascots and tell my mom about who would be fun to work with. She emails them and tries to make it work out. 

What made you want to become a Mascot?

I liked watching the mascot at our basketball games for the Skyforce in Sioux Falls. I wanted to watch videos of him on Youtube and we couldn’t find any. So, my mom did a search for basketball mascots and Benny the Bull came up right away. I was three years old then. I wanted to watch his videos all day long! I also wanted to be Benny for Halloween. So my mom put a costume together for me and that was the beginning of it all! (Attached are photos of the first game I ever performed – I was four years old – with Benny the Bull!)  

Are there any mascots in which you idolize? 

Benny the Bull, Aubie, Toro, Blue, Sluggerrr — and so many more! 

If you could design your character, what would you want it to be?   

That is a hard question. Maybe a hedgehog. I really like the hedgehog that Barry and Scott were in Europe. And I think it would be fun to be something like that. 














Photo Credit: Two Photos Provided by Nick's Mom Angela. Mini Mascot Nick Seen on the Left and Mini Mascot Performing as Mini Benny at a Bulls game.

What an Awesome interview we wanna congulate Mini Mascot on all those amazing things and being of the first Professional Mascot as a Kid. You can follow Mini Mascots Fun Adventures on the follow Social Media Facebook, TwitterTikTok and Instagram

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