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An Interview with The Hubbard Eagle

Justin J

Mascot Insider is Pleased to have a Chat with The Hubbard Eagle, and His Pal Isaac has helped provide the answers. We hope you enjoy this Interview!  

What is a Favorite Skit you've done in the Past?  

My favorite skit would have to be those at Christmas time! The Eagle brings many gifts to basketball games during the holiday season; a favorite is giving some of Hubbard’s favorite older community members coal for Christmas, while kids can go home with teddy bears, dolls, and even Eagle Plushies. 

You attend a lot of Mascot Parties in the Area how do you normally get invited to those events?

I believe that with The Hubbard Eagle’s popularity growing rapidly, the invitations are easy to come by. The Hubbard Eagle has reached almost 100,000 people through his social networking (that peeked when I was recognized nationally) which gives an easy pass to a lot of recognition. The Eagle has been invited to events and games as far Florida & Oregon. I’ve become friends with many mascots so they also put in a good word to their teams.

What was it like to visit Disney World and compete in the Varsity Brands School Spirit Awards? 

 The whole week was so humbling, the send-off through town had community members lining the streets to wish me off to the National Awards Show! Being able to bring The Eagle to Disney was incredible! My whole family is obsessed with Disney, and we have visited almost every year. Of course, this visit was special. During the awards show, there were many points that The Eagle had the whole crowd involved, many of which were not aired on CBS Sports (The Official Award Show Taping). At one point the audience was chanting as I stood on my chair dancing to the DJ music during a commercial break. I had almost every local news channel calling me asking for phone interviews when I was in Orlando! It was an awesome and very rewarding week! I’m just glad I was able to represent Hubbard in such a positive way, at the end of the day that’s my goal. 

Are there any mascots in which you idolize?

Of course! A lot of my work comes from my interests in The Phanatic, Orbit, and Gritty! A close role model I have is Sir CC of the Cavs. I like to think of him as a personal idol, he works hard to create something special for Cleveland and has shown me a lot of what I’m capable of doing! He even called me up while I was in Disney to congratulate me. I wish every young aspiring mascot had someone like him to show that with hard work, you can reach your goals. 

How has the Prize Money that you’ve earned from winning the Varsity Brands School Spirit Awards helped?

Although the prize money was the last thing on my mind during the award show, it has really helped to bring some serious professionalism to the program. All jerseys are now made custom and designed professionally including mascot handlers, new props, costume pieces, and even expenses to pay off travel. 

Do you have a favorite sport that you like to attend or perform? 

My favorite to attend is Hubbard’s Friday Night Football Games. The fans are crazy there and I am able to work the crowd really well. It’s for sure the season I look forward to all year. To perform is for sure basketball games. I do two big halftime shows each year, while also being able to provide various skits, costumes, and giveaways for the fans during the course of the season. Outside of Hubbard,  I love to bring The Eagle to hockey games! He has his own custom-fitted hockey jersey that’s fitted to his wings! The ice is really fun to play on and the crowd really gets into it! At various professional minor league hockey games, The Eagle has participated in football games, obstacle courses, kickball, races, broomball, and dance-offs which all took place on the ice! 

What was it like attending the opening of The Mascot Hall of Fame? 

Being able to attend The Mascot Hall Of Fames, Grand Opening was not only historic for The Hubbard Eagle, but for the Hall Of Fame. No matter where the future takes sports mascots in the Hall Of Fame, the grand opening photograph will forever hold Slugger (Kansas City Royals), KC Wolf (Kansas City Chiefs), Lil’ Red (Nebraska), Nittany Lion (Penn State), Tommy Hawk (Chicago Blackhawks), Thunder & Mini Thunder (Lake Elsinore Storm), and of course The Hubbard Eagle arguably one of the most iconic mascots through High Schools in America. It was also inspiring to see how true dedication to a mascot program can lead to making such an impact on the sports industry by being placed in the Hall Of Fame, where only the greatest are placed, I’d love to be just a little bit like every one of them!

In conclusion, I love what I do. It’s a job that all you do is make people happy and laugh! I’m thankful for those who have got me to where I am, and the catch of being a high school mascot is, every one of my appearances has been free of charge which helps me reach out to a variety of different people and groups. The Hubbard Eagle is a dream come true.

We want to thank The Hubbard Eagle and his Pal Isaac for joining us for an interview today. You can find The Hubbard Eagle on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Stay tuned as we bring you more Mascot Interview over the upcoming weeks right here on MascotInsider.com!   

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