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Insider Justin

Greetings Fans & Mascots

On behalf of the entire team at Mascot.Blog we are so happy to be back and beginning to resume the full features of the website Our article "It's Been Two Years Too Long" has been well received and we are so honored for the support we've received from Fans and Mascots over the years and we understand how crazy it's been. Today I'm excited to share plans for Mascot Insider in 2022. So let's dig in!

Let's start off with the exciting news. Events are scheduled to RETURN to Mascot Insider. At this time, we are looking into hopefully covering the following events: including the NHL All-Star Mascot Events, NFL Pro Bowl Mascot Events, and even looking at expanding back into having a chance to cover the UCA College Nationals Mascot Division either in person or virtually like we've done in the past. And of course, the BIGGEST thing to return in more than 2 Year is the Mascot Games in Orlando, Fla. Be sure to stay up to date on our Social Media Channels for updates as these events are subject to change.

Now let's talk about the Mascot Insider Brand. For the past 10 years, we've had the honor to cover the Mascot World and put a spotlight on the Mascot to show us one of the BEST Jobs in the world. That's why we've brought back our original slogan inspired by Matt Biegun, which is "The Next best thing to being inside the suit is being a Mascot Insider" we thank Matt Biegun for helping inspire this awesome slogan and we are thankful for what he's done to help us at Mascot Insider from time to time.

Also, you've may have noticed we just launched our newest Social Media Banners, which from time to time we plan to update with great events we've gotten to attend.  Also sometime in 2022, we are LAUNCHING an ALL-NEW Intro Video. We can't wait until production of this amazing project begins. It will highlight  our mission and what we do to both fans and mascots alike.

Also coming soon, there will be slight adjustments to our website. To have fans understand Mascot.blog awesome Social Features such as being able to upload your favorite photos to share with us, commenting on our articles, and more! Plus, we plan to be working closely with professional mascots on collecting feedback on how we can make Mascot.blog even more awesome.

And as you can tell Articles and Mascot.Blog is HERE to stay. We've revised the dissension to focus on Social Networks only and instead continue to have this amazing full featured website that we offer currently. So, look forward to some great content in 2022, including the hopeful return of Mascot Interviews!   

As we end this article, we also wanted to take a moment to THANK our former Team Members. The biggest thing I say even once they depart, they are ALWAYS a part of the Mascot Insider Family and even though they aren't currently active with us you never know they may be working with in the Background to continue to help us inspire this amazing community.

So today we’d like to thank the following for inspiring this journey and being with us you ALL mean the world to Mascot Insider for your help.

Navey U, Justin M, Steven C, John C, Ann Marie C, Jordan B

Well that's all we have for now we are SUPER excited for the future of Mascot Insider and can't wait till 2022 as the Sports world continues to recover from COVID-19.  We look forward to an exciting future and again on behalf of the entire Mascot.blog team THANK YOU for the support we love what we do and see you in 2022!

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