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Mascot Hall of Fame 2023: Last Call to Vote! (CLOSED)

Insider Justin

It’s the last day to cast your votes for the prestigious Mascot Hall of Fame. This year, we have a stellar line-up of mascots representing various sports organizations, from the NCAA to the NFL, MLB, NHL, CFL, and even an independent program. They have been entertaining fans and rallying their teams, and now they're up for your votes. Here's a rundown of this year's remarkable nominees:

Rameses from the University of North Carolina brings the energy to every NCAA game, while TORO from the Houston Texans serves as the fierce NFL representative from the Lone Star State.

Miles, the Broncos’ spirited horse, proudly represents Denver in the NFL, while Jaxson de Ville, Jacksonville Jaguars' dynamic cat mascot, has been thrilling NFL fans with his daredevil antics.

The Blue Devil from Duke University is an NCAA crowd-pleaser, while Punter, the hardy elk from the Edmonton Elks, waves the CFL flag.

From the NHL, we have Bailey, the lion mascot of the Los Angeles Kings, and YoJo, a health and fitness champion from an independent program, makes an unusual but highly commendable entry.

Cozmo brings cosmic energy to every LA Galaxy soccer game in the MLS, while Goldy, the gopher from the University of Minnesota, keeps the spirits high in the NCAA.

The NFL's Freddie Falcon from Atlanta Falcons flies high, while Otto the Orange brings a burst of cheer to every Syracuse University NCAA game.

The Bearcat from the University of Cincinnati is a beloved figure in the NCAA, while Wally the Green Monster from the Boston Red Sox and Slugger from the Portland Sea Dogs represent MiLB respectively.

Buzz the vibrant yellow jacket from Georgia Tech has been a long-standing NCAA favorite, while Blitz, the high-powered sea hawk from the Seattle Seahawks, makes his presence felt in the NFL.

Finally, we have Staley Da Bear from the Chicago Bears, who embodies the strength and spirit of the NFL franchise.

To cast your votes, head over to the Mascot Hall of Fame website. Click on the "Vote Now" button, and select your favorite mascots. Remember, your vote counts and could decide the fate of these mascots. This is your chance to make sure your favorite mascot gets the recognition it deserves. Make your voice heard and vote now!

Keep in mind that voting closes today at Midnight CDT. Don't miss this last chance to support your favorite mascot in their quest for Hall of Fame glory. 

UPDATE Sun May 28th 1:00 AM EST. Voting is now Closed please stay tuned to us and Mascot Hall of Fame for results.


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