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Thank You for supporting Operation Save ThunderBug

Greetings Fans,
My name is Justin Jolley. I’m CEO of MascotInsider and helper of the Save Tampa Bay Lightning’s ThunderBug’s Job codenamed: Operation Save Thunder Bug. I wanted to personally thank all the people who signed the petition. Over 630 saw it and decided to stand up for the wonderful performer’s job and signed the petition. Sadly Tampa Bay Lightning has decided to not give us any type of response so we’ve decided it’s time to move on as we tried our hardest. MascotInsider is sad to see it’s possible Thunderbug won’t be the same as he was a few weeks ago! We hope in the future that Tampa Bay Lightning will hire a more professional performer and bring Thunderbug back to life!
So what happens now? We will hand over a PDF format of all the signers to the Tampa Bay Lightning to show them how great of support Thunderbug had with its old performer. And we wish the best to the wonderful performer that worked for Tampa Bay Lightning- she will be missed!
On behalf of the whole Operation Save ThunderBug crew and my thanks again for your support. It was a great opportunity to take on this project!
Justin Jolley
CEO of MascotInsider


S.J. Sharkie Wins Most Awesome Mascot Award

For the second year Cartoon Network hosts Hall Of Game Awards. After 100 million votes S.J. Sharkie was chosen to win a game award for most awesome mascot as he competed against 3 other mascots (Jaxson DeVille, Slamson, and Slider). The whole MascotInsider staff congrats S.J. Sharkie on winning the award!
Here’s an official quote from S.J. Sharkie
“It was an honor and a privilege to represent my organization, players and fans at the 2012 hall of game awards. To be selected as one of the 4 best was amazing, and to win was the icing on the cake. I couldn’t have done it without all of you who voted for me, ” commented Sharkie from the press scrum backstage. “And to be the 1st hockey mascot ever nominated, and then to walk away with the 2012 title is a reflection of the work my 24 other mascots and I in the NHL put forth for the best fans in all of sport! I hope to be able to defend my Title in 2013. But for now, I will just focus on the Sharks push to the playoffs”.
You can watch the Hall Of Game Awards tonight on Cartoon Network at 7pm to see S.J. Sharkie accepts his award and probably show off his awesome moves.
Photo & Some information was attained from: S.J. Sharkie official website.


Tampa Bay Lightning does nothing regarding ThunderBug

A few days ago MascotInsider helped start a protest called Save Tampa Bay Lightning’s ThunderBug’s Job. Since that protest started it gained national attention being featured from Tampa Bay Times to many local news networks and more it was amazing how much attention it gained and since then it’s gathered over 600 signers. So the question is what has Tampa bay lightning was regarding Thunderbug? Well.. NOTHING Thunderbug still appears in the game, but here’s the most interesting thing he’s doing nothing now.  Many users on the protest page have  said Thunderbug does nothing at the games and half the time he is not even seen. It looks like they have yet to hire a professional performer and the person that plays the current Thunderbug is basically a little  underweight and unable to create the old look for Thunderbug.  So with so many fans complaining, what’s going to happen?  If this continues to where Thunderbug won’t do anything or gain interact with the fans, they will lose season ticket holders out of the deal. Many people even possibly will want to protest, the team and this means more sales will be lost to the team.
So what can you do to help get Thunderbug back to life? Tell Tampa Bay Lighting you want the bug BACK by signing the protest listed here: http://www.change.org/petitions/tampa-bay-lightning-save-thunderbugs-performer-job this could help get the old performer’s job back. You can also have your voice heard by emailing the Mascot Program Director at: kcarlson@tampabaytimesforum.com. MascotInsider has not yet given up on this and we stand strong for this person’s job as we know what happened to her was completely wrong!


Stetson University New Mascot Is Here

A few months ago we told you Stetson was looking for a new mascot and students had a chance to win a trip to Disney World if they won. Now he’s officially been released by the school and his name is John B and over 70 name submissions were made and that’s what the university chooses.
Here’s a quote from the university:
“Just like John B. Stetson himself, the new mascot captures the pioneer spirit of those daring individuals who founded the university and helped settle Florida more than 150 years ago. From the Stetson hat to the alligator boots, the new Hatter mascot embodies the history and spirit of Florida’s first private university.”
Are you happy to see the new mascot for Stetson? We also plan to see him at Celebrity Mascot Games this year due to one of the days it’s hosted at that university and we’ll probably see him in Orlando, Fl version to.
Some information attained by: Orlando Sentinel


2012 UCA Mascot Competition Result

Every year at ESPN World Wide Of Sports at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL is the famous UCA Mascot Competition and this year Aubie took the 2012 title. And also YouDee won the open division, we wanted to say congratulations to both mascots on their awesome skits as well as many other college mascots that attended. You may see all results below.
2012 College Cheerleading Championship Mascot Division IA
1 Auburn University – “Aubie”
2 University of Oklahoma – “Boomer”
3 Louisiana State University – “Mike”
4 University of Colorado – “Chip”
5 University of Minnesota – “Goldy Gopher”
6 University of Alabama – “Big AL”
7 University of Tennessee – “Smokey”
8 Michigan State University – “Sparty”
9 University of Southern Mississippi – “Seymour”
10 University of Iowa – “Herky the Hawk”
2012 College Cheerleading Championship Open Mascot
1 University of Delaware – “YoUDee”
2 Villanova University – “Will D. Cat”
3 Tennessee Tech University – “Awesome Eagle”
4 Arkansas State University – “Howl”
5 University of South Alabama – “SouthPaw”
Click Here to view video for all mascots. Just click the Mascot 2012 tab to see all mascots entrees.


Celebrity Mascot Games volunteering for a day

For the first time in the past two years, I’ve been attending the Celebrity Mascot Games. This year, I decided to volunteer for the event. I applied online to be a Mascot Escort and within a few weeks, I received an email stating that I had been selected to do the job! On Friday, July 30th, I parked in the Amway Center garage, I was very excited and a bit nervous. I go up to the ramp and go through the “Staff Members Only” entrance. It was cool to experience that.
I met the nice check-in team and proceeded to check in with my job. I was then handed a sheet asking which mascot I would like. I was hoping that they would give me the choice, and of course I selected Ozzie from UNF! After a few minutes, we were taken to a nice small room where we could have food and drink before we got ready for training. Once that was complete, we were instructed to go to the elevator. We were shown where to put our mascots, it was pretty easy to remember. Once we were shown the location, we returned for a few minutes and got to look around.
Then came the fun part; picking up our mascots and directing them to their table. As I walked down, I could clearly see Ozzie ready to go. I walked down and met him for the first time with a big hug! I was handed his trading cards and we went up the elevator and he took his seat. He started signing his cards and I left my post for a moment to get some pictures with Fin. When I got back to my post, tons of kids came out and Ozzie gave away his cards. I was shocked at how many children there were. Ozzie only got up once, but I remembered being told not to allow the mascot to get up, so I kindly asked him to sit down. Unfortunately, he was not too happy after that. Once the mascots time was complete, Ozzie came with me and I took him to the elevator. We had to fit 20 mascots and around 29 helpers into ONE elevator, let me just say that we all wanted to get out as quickly as possible.
Ozzie pointed for some water so I grabbed him a bottle, after all, he earned it. I walked him to the locker room, said goodbye and wished him luck. I returned to the helper room, got some water for myself and got in position to where the mascots would enter. After a few minutes, the mascots came out and Fin saw me taking pictures. He came up for a close up, maybe too close, he almost ate my camera! I then saw Stephanie Leavins (Pre-Game entertainment). I was excited to see her and meet her. As many of you know, she is a wonderful singer and if you’ve ever heard her, I’m sure she gave you chills. I got to talk to her and then she had to go say hello to everyone else. Ozzie came up to me and asked for a little help. I gave him a little pep talk saying, “You know the Blue Team is going to win today!” and wished him luck.
The Mascot Games officially started after Gina sang the National Anthem and all the mascots went to the floor once they were called. I enjoyed walking around a bit and meeting up with Stephanie Leavins again. I met her wonderful mother and got invited as her guest. I basically got to stay on the floor! It was amazing to be able to experience this for the first time. I thanked her so much for letting me join her. After the games were over, Blue team won, and I was happy. I’m pretty sure my pep talk to Ozzie worked! That ended my special day, I said goodbye to Stephanie Leavins and proudly left the Amway Center.
Special note to Ozzie–You were a lot of fun to work for and I’m hoping next year I will be able to do the same if you attend. And to Stephanie again, it was great to meet you and finally great work of the Central Florida Sports Commission. Till next year, thanks for checking out Mascot Madness’ coverage of The Celebrity Mascot Games!
I will look forward to next year!


The 19th Annual Celebrity Mascot Games Review

This year’s Mascot, Game was amazing. There was a minor change, though due to it being held at the Amway Center. For the first time ever, Celebrity Mascot Games were hosted on July 29th-31st. Normally, it’s hosted on July 15th-17th. I must admit, it was a really wonderful week. I attended both days of the Celebrity Mascot Games. On Friday I had the opportunity to volunteer and help them out. On Saturday, I attended as a regular guest and enjoyed the games. I will be posting a separate review about Friday’s event.
Let’s begin with the review. I arrived at the Amway Center around 11:50 PM EST to catch the fun events going on before the Mascot Games actually started. There were a lot of people promoting their service(s). Around 12:45 PM, people started lining up so I joined them. We got in around 1:05 PM and I quickly rushed up the stairs to go see Ozzie so I could have him sign my Volunteer T-Shirt. Afterwards, I went to check out my seat. Sadly, my seat was chosen for the green team; I’ve been supporting the Blue Team every year thus far. There’s not much I could do so I just accepted the seat. I’ve got to admit, though, they were great seats. I was really up close to the action, it was quite nice.
Before the games officially started, I got the chance to say hello to the wonderful Stephanie Leavins and we talked for a few minutes. It was fun to hear her wonderful voice sing a great song, it gave me the chills. Once she was finished, the team intros played. Secretly, I was rooting for the Blue Team, but I still cheered for the Green Team too. Unfortunately, our team didn’t win too many challenges. The challenges were pretty tough this year; it was mixed up games, unlike last year. Who was this years half time entertainment, you might ask? Her name is Gina (Orlando Magic’s good luck charm), and boy did she sing her heart out. It was wonderful getting to hear her for the first time! We also learned more about a wonderful organization, New Hope For Kids, the reason why the Celebrity Mascot Games are here today. Every ticket bought goes to that amazing organization.
After halftime was over, there was a new round introduced called “Military Madness”. It was basically what the military use. It involved two mascots having to climb a rock wall. It was neat to watch and get to see up close. In the end, the winner of Saturday’s game was (drum roll please……..) THE YELLOW TEAM!! I was shocked, I thought that the Blue Team would have won. Congratulations to yellow though!
There you have it, another great year at the Celebrity Mascot Games. We have tons of photos and videos available, it’s posted below. Enjoy!


Celebrity Mascot Games starts tomorrow

It’s a very exciting week for MascotInsider as the most popular games in Florida come to town The Celebrity Mascot Games! Starting tomorrow all 30 mascots will be at Stetson University kicking off the start of Celebrity Mascot Games. Then on Friday & Saturday at Amway Center is when the real games get going.
On Friday CEO of MascotInsider will be there helping out and then on Saturday we will be covering the big time event! By the end of this week prepare for the best coverage on The Celebrity Mascot from Videos, Photos & full review so remember MascoInsider is your number one place for Celebrity Mascot Games coverage!
General Admission: $10.00
Revered Seating: $16.00 (Available for July 30th game only!)
All Proceeds Support New Hope For Kids!
Interested in attending? Tickets can be bought online at mascotgames.orgona> on the day of event!


Last Years review of the 18th Annual Celebrity Mascot Games

Last year Owner/Founder of Mascot Madness (Me) got to attend this wonderful event it was his second visit to the games.
The 18th annual Celebrity Mascot Games were being held here from July 15th – July 17th. I was fortunate enough to go on July 18th and, as always, it was fun.
Once I got into Amway Arena, I got to snag a picture with a mascot that reminded me of my cat. I then took a seat on the team of my preference, in my case it was the blue team!
Once the game began, we learned about why the Mascot Games were started; NEW HOPE FOR KIDS! There was then a wonderful singer, Stephanie Leavins. As always, the mascots were introduced and FIN was the blue team’s captain, go Fin! Once that was over, we started the games. The first one was won by us, the blue team. It seemed that the blue team was lacking a few members this year, but I still cheered and had a great time with everyone that was there. After two games, we went into half time with a concert. Overall, it was really cool, but I still preferred last year’s half time.
We then got to do the YMCA, one of my favorite things to do because it allows us to get out of our seats and move around. I loved a Stuff sign that said “PLEASE STAND ON YOUR FEET”, it was cool. After all the fun we went back into the final games. Wow, Fin and the other blue team members were doing well. Unfortunately, someone got hurt in the third challenge which made us lose that game by default.
The fourth challenge was great, but sadly it was not easy, we didn’t win any of them. When it finally came to a close, the blue team got 2nd place which is good, but I wished we could have gotten 1st place, like last year. Anyways, the game was great and I will be posting photos below.
Thanks to all the mascots who attended, you all made me have a great time!
Don’t’ forget “Mascot Madness” is your number once place for Mascot, Game information include reviews pictures videos & more. “Like” The Celebrity Mascot Games page for all information on this awesome event also!!


Jerry Kelly Wears TCU Mascot’s Costume

So in an interesting story today Jerry Kelly showed up at Wednesday’s pro-am at Colonial Country Club with a surprise. The Wisconsin native was wearing the costume of TCU mascot SuperFrog. Now the reason he’s doing this? Kelly and Henry made a bet decided that the loser of the Rose Bowl matchup between the Horned Frogs and Badgers would be forced to dress as the other team’s mascot.
Even though he lost the bet It paid off to be the mascot until he managed to hit a low hook with his tee shot while wearing the full costume. And said it was a fun experience even better take a look at the quote at what he says being a mascot is like!
“I’m glad it’s a nice day out,” Kelly told ESPN.com. “Can you imagine if it was 90? I’ve got a lot of respect for mascots now, let me tell you.”


Stuff’s Surprise for Twitter Fallowers

MascotInsider pleased to present you with a cool story submitted by Jacob Abercrombie about what he got to do with Stuff from Orlando Magic!
So I don’t even know where to start. But I saw Stuff asking for help with something for the Magic? Pacer game and thought that would be cool. So I put my name in the running and emailed Stuff 3 times the day before tonight’s game. Around 12:30 pm on game day I received an email back from Stuff asking if I was ready to help and willing to possibly get embarrassed, dangerous, crazy… Maybe even messy.
The only answer to that is, YES! So thinking we were going in for some sort of game and getting into a mess of something. 5 random fans went into the Lair thinking we were going to do something crazy, what we were told shocked and scared all of us. Stuff told us we were going to do the trampoline dunks!!! NO WARM-UPS, NO PRACTICE DUNKS, NO SAFETY NET!!! But we all tried our best and we all had a blast!
After we all missed our dunks, we were laughed at and then given OFFICIAL STUFF game jerseys signed by the Dragon himself!!!
What an awesome night and thank you to everyone involved!!!
Video Of The Fun:
Please check back later for video thank you..
Thanks to Jacob Abercrombie for submitting this awesome story and our friends at Go Magic for allowing us to post to get attention on this awesome thing Stuff did!
Fallow Stuff On Twitter: Click Here
Friend Him On Facebook: Click Here


Thrash Shaves Peoples Head For A Good Cause

Looking for a trim? Thrash asked people to head over to Philips Arena on March 25th and some lucky fan's would get to be shaved by Thrash himself. The reason people are doing this is for a great cause called St. Baldrick’s that raises money towards research to find a cure for childhood cancers. It’s really great to see Thrash got to join in and I posted a video below of him shaving someone’s head & an overview of the event.

Since we’ve posted this story sadly Thrash is now a retired mascot. It’s very heartbreaking to report this!


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