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The 19th Annual Celebrity Mascot Games Review

Justin Jolley

This year’s Mascot, Game was amazing. There was a minor change, though due to it being held at the Amway Center. For the first time ever, Celebrity Mascot Games were hosted on July 29th-31st. Normally, it’s hosted on July 15th-17th. I must admit, it was a really wonderful week. I attended both days of the Celebrity Mascot Games. On Friday I had the opportunity to volunteer and help them out. On Saturday, I attended as a regular guest and enjoyed the games. I will be posting a separate review about Friday’s event.

Let’s begin with the review. I arrived at the Amway Center around 11:50 PM EST to catch the fun events going on before the Mascot Games actually started. There were a lot of people promoting their service(s). Around 12:45 PM, people started lining up so I joined them. We got in around 1:05 PM and I quickly rushed up the stairs to go see Ozzie so I could have him sign my Volunteer T-Shirt. Afterwards, I went to check out my seat. Sadly, my seat was chosen for the green team; I’ve been supporting the Blue Team every year thus far. There’s not much I could do so I just accepted the seat. I’ve got to admit, though, they were great seats. I was really up close to the action, it was quite nice.

Before the games officially started, I got the chance to say hello to the wonderful Stephanie Leavins and we talked for a few minutes. It was fun to hear her wonderful voice sing a great song, it gave me the chills. Once she was finished, the team intros played. Secretly, I was rooting for the Blue Team, but I still cheered for the Green Team too. Unfortunately, our team didn’t win too many challenges. The challenges were pretty tough this year; it was mixed up games, unlike last year. Who was this years half time entertainment, you might ask? Her name is Gina (Orlando Magic’s good luck charm), and boy did she sing her heart out. It was wonderful getting to hear her for the first time! We also learned more about a wonderful organization, New Hope For Kids, the reason why the Celebrity Mascot Games are here today. Every ticket bought goes to that amazing organization.

After halftime was over, there was a new round introduced called “Military Madness”. It was basically what the military use. It involved two mascots having to climb a rock wall. It was neat to watch and get to see up close. In the end, the winner of Saturday’s game was (drum roll please……..) THE YELLOW TEAM!! I was shocked, I thought that the Blue Team would have won. Congratulations to yellow though!

There you have it, another great year at the Celebrity Mascot Games. We have tons of photos and videos available, it’s posted below. Enjoy!





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