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  2. Mascot Insider is excited to be taking a moment to interview Mini Mascot one of the First Kids Professional Mascot. What Team does he want to be on that he currently hasn't performed for? The Minnesota Vikings. Their football stadium seems really cool and Viktor the Viking is great! He came to our school last year to do an assembly and he was super fun to be around! What was it like getting a chance to work with Blue from the Colts? Fun! I got to be Blue, Junior and also got to try on their Blue Air suit. That was really cool and way different than a mascot head. The
  3. Mascot Insider is excited to present another Mascot Interview this time we are interviewing Chompers from the Yartford Yard Goats his pal Caden helped with the answers check them out below! What is a Favorite Skit you've done in the Past? My favorite skit I’ve done was a WWE style royal rumble with 10 other mascots at a hockey game. It was in a big inflatable wrestling wring we all got in and once the bell rang everyone went at it. I had a WWE championship belt with the Hartford yardgoats logo on it and I lifted it up in the air and knocked someone over the ropes with it and the
  4. The NHL Fan Choice Awards is hosted yearly and is an online Poll to vote in many categories. One of those being "Best Mascot" All NHL Mascots have a chance to win this title, and today Chance from the Vegas Golden Knights has taken home that award. The entire Mascot Insider Team would like to congratulate him on this fantastic win. We hope to see him at the NHL All-Star coming to Florida in either January or February! For now, you can experience him in the 2018 NHL Mascot Showdown Highlights below.
  5. Mascot Insider is Pleased to have a Chat with The Hubbard Eagle, and His Pal Isaac has helped provide the answers. We hope you enjoy this Interview! What is a Favorite Skit you've done in the Past? My favorite skit would have to be those at Christmas time! The Eagle brings many gifts to basketball games during the holiday season; a favorite is giving some of Hubbard’s favorite older community members coal for Christmas, while kids can go home with teddy bears, dolls, and even Eagle Plushies. You attend a lot of Mascot Parties in the Area how do you normally get invited to t
  6. The fans have voted, and Benny the Bull has officially won the Shortly Awards "Best In Dance Award" Benny the Bull has some impressive dance moves, and we feel this is a well-deserved award. We've posted below a TikTok video showing off his moves. Benny the Bull has made TikTok pretty popular along with the mascot community with over 2.3 Million Followers and above 32 Million Views on the platform. The entire MascotInsider Team would like to congratulate Benny on this impressive award! Benny the Bull has also attended the popular Mascot Games in Orlando, FL below we've attached the exac
  7. Every Thursday at 7:00 PM EST is a zoom chat called Mascot Happy Hour presented by Glenn Street Owner of Street Characters, and it features Robert Boudwin former Clutch the Rocket Bear. This community happy hour allows performers to get together during these times and discuss different topics weekly how what they can do to bring exciting things to there mascot program. If you are involved with a Mascot, it's a great way to connect with others and get some excellent ideals. We've posted the link below on how to request to join the group you'll see Founder/Director poping in listening as well an
  8. Here's the Wawa Yellow Team (3rd Place in Day 1 & 2nd Place in Day 2). Knightro – University of Central Florida Louie – St. Louis Blues Sebastian – University of Miami Tommy Hawk – Chicago Blackhawks Rowdy – Dallas Cowboys Raymond – Tampa Bay Rays
  9. Wawa Yellow Team: Stanley C. Panther - Florida Panthers Lil' Red - University of Nebraska Captain Fear - Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sebastian - University of Miami Alberta - University of Florida Bucky Badger - University of Wisconsin Albert - University of Florida
  10. Here's the 2016 Florida Hospital for Children Blue Team (Day 1 Champions): ThunderBug – Tampa Bay Lightning Shades – Orlando Solar Bears Sebastian – University of Miami Lil’ Red – University of Nebraska Champ – Dallas Mavericks Fin the Whale – Vancouver Canucks (Team Captain)
  11. Here's the 2015 Florida Hospital for Children Blue Team: ThunderBug – Tampa Bay Lightning Rangers Captain – Texas Rangers Bango – Milwaukee Bucks Lil' Red – University of Nebraska Knightro – UCF Fin the Whale – Vancouver Canucks (Team Captain)
  12. Here's the 2014 Florida Hospital for Children Blue Team: Alberta – University of Florida Slamson the Lion – Sacramento Kings Billy the Marlin – Miami Marlins Ace – Toronto Blue Jays Fin the Whale – Vancouver Canucks
  13. Here's The 2012 Orlando Magic Blue Team: Mike the Tiger - Louisiana State University Ace - Toronto Blue Jays Rangers Captain - Texas Rangers Wildcat - University of Kentucky Big Jay - University of Kansas Fin - Vancouver Canucks Shades - Orlando Solar Bears
  14. From Carowinds.
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