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  1. From the Very First Mascot Games on July 24, 1993.
  2. Hope They'll Have Some New Things in 2022 Such As a New Logo, a New Host in His 20s-30s to Appeal to Young People as Well as a Nickelodeon-Type Bonus Event for Day 1.
  3. Swish of the Lakeland Magic filled in for N.J. Devil in Day 1.
  4. Here's the Wawa Yellow Team (3rd Place in Day 1 & 2nd Place in Day 2). Knightro – University of Central Florida Louie – St. Louis Blues Sebastian – University of Miami Tommy Hawk – Chicago Blackhawks Rowdy – Dallas Cowboys Raymond – Tampa Bay Rays
  5. Wawa Yellow Team: Stanley C. Panther - Florida Panthers Lil' Red - University of Nebraska Captain Fear - Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sebastian - University of Miami Alberta - University of Florida Bucky Badger - University of Wisconsin Albert - University of Florida
  6. Here's the 2016 Florida Hospital for Children Blue Team (Day 1 Champions): ThunderBug – Tampa Bay Lightning Shades – Orlando Solar Bears Sebastian – University of Miami Lil’ Red – University of Nebraska Champ – Dallas Mavericks Fin the Whale – Vancouver Canucks (Team Captain)
  7. Here's the 2015 Florida Hospital for Children Blue Team: ThunderBug – Tampa Bay Lightning Rangers Captain – Texas Rangers Bango – Milwaukee Bucks Lil' Red – University of Nebraska Knightro – UCF Fin the Whale – Vancouver Canucks (Team Captain)
  8. Here's the 2014 Florida Hospital for Children Blue Team: Alberta – University of Florida Slamson the Lion – Sacramento Kings Billy the Marlin – Miami Marlins Ace – Toronto Blue Jays Fin the Whale – Vancouver Canucks
  9. Here's The 2012 Orlando Magic Blue Team: Mike the Tiger - Louisiana State University Ace - Toronto Blue Jays Rangers Captain - Texas Rangers Wildcat - University of Kentucky Big Jay - University of Kansas Fin - Vancouver Canucks Shades - Orlando Solar Bears

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