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  • Welcome to Mascot.Blog apart of the Mascot Insider Family. We are excited you’ve discovered us, and now we’d like to introduce you to us and as our famous saying is "The Next Best thing to being inside the Suit is being a Mascot Insider".

    Who Is Mascot Insider? 
    Justin J founded Mascot Insider as MascotMadness.net in April of 2010. The Goal of this website is to put Mascots into the spotlight; much like their player’s mascots make a considerable impact on the teams and business while players play the game, Mascots entertain the fans and do good in the community. That’s why we are here today! We want Fans to be able to get insider access to the Mascot World and experience it like never before.  

    What do you Do? 
    Our team covers events involving Mascots from Mascot Games to Trade Shows like IAPPA and any local events in Orlando that we can cover we love to put mascots into the spotlight also our Insider's will travel to special events when needed. Our team also partners up with Mascots to do other things, such as Interviews for fans to get to know their local mascot more and others behind the scenes we are allowed to share! 

    What is Mascot Insider Vision?  
    Our Vision Is to share with everyone the great work mascots do every day. From Pumping up the Crowd to Supporting their Local Community! Mascots are fantastic, and we know many fans agree, so we love to have them in the spotlight.  

    Below, We Invite you to see a Preview of the Past Event’s we’ve attended and meet the Insiders Behind Mascot Insider.

  • Here are just some of the Mascot Events We've Covered in the Past
    • Mascot Games (Orlando, FL)
    • NFL Pro Bowl (Orlando, FL)
    • NHL All Star 2018 (Tampa, FL)
    • IAAPA Expo (Orlando, FL)
    • Cue the Confetti Mascot Hall of Fame (Whiting, IN)
    • NHL All Star 2022 (Las Vagas, NV)
  • Meet the Insiders!

  • Justin J
    Head Honcho of Furensic Entertainment
  • In April of 2010, I started a community originally known as Mascot Madness as I began to see the Celebrity Mascot Games now known as Mascot Games. I thought it would be awesome to be able to put mascots in the spotlight by covering the events they attend and allowing fans to interact with them! Throughout the time I have done this. In 2012 I announced Mascot Madness is being rebranded as Mascot Insider to enable us to have a unique name never used in Mascot World before. And now, thanks to my excellent crew, we offer fans to go behind the suit and see why mascots are fantastic for what they do.  

    Favorite Mascot: Stuff from the Orlando Magic

    A Mascot You've Been Wanting to Meet: Ed Euromaus from Europa-Park in Germany

  • Chris R
    Senior Mascot In-Tail-Igence Specialist
  • I started mascotting ten years ago in high school, and fell in love with the craft, the fun, and the energy of being an entertainer set me on the path my life has followed since. After coming to Chicago in 2014 I pursued different positions throughout the suburbs landing myself at the Joliet Slammers, and then moving up to the Kane County Cougars and Chicago Steel. I have now worked for every non-major league baseball team in Chicago land. Over time I've made, and continue to make, connections across the country in the world of mascots.

    Favorite Mascot: Blades from Boston Bruins

    A Mascot You've Been Wanting to Meet: Toro from Houston Texans 

  • Ava B
    Mascot Graphics Designer
  • After learning about sports mascots at an early age, I started drawing them for fun. This led me to starting my main @MascotDrawings page on Instagram. I now work with teams and amazing performers for mascot costume design and promo item illustrations while also being a performer on the side. I’m also the designer for the Orlando Mascot Games as I create illustrations for posters, merchandise, and video boards while helping Mascot Insider with their yearly event coverage!

    Favorite Mascot: Stuff from the Orlando Magic

    A Mascot You've Been Wanting to Meet: Gritty from the Philadelphia Flyers

  • Ryan M
    Tile TBD
  • Bio Coming Soon

  • Coming Soon
    Tile TBD
  • Someone "NEW" is joining the Mascot Insider Team Soon!! Please stay tuned for updates.

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Welcome to Mascot Insider, a website dedicated to covering all things about Mascots. We continue to offer fans the #1 coverage of the Mascot Games in Orlando, FL, and attend other significant events, so fans get insider access to the mascot community.

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