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Greetings Fans & Mascots
On behalf of the entire team at Mascot.Blog we are so happy to be back and beginning to resume the full features of the website Our article "It's Been Two Years Too Long" has been well received and we are so honored for the support we've received from Fans and Mascots over the years and we understand how crazy it's been. Today I'm excited to share plans for Mascot Insider in 2022. So let's dig in!
Let's start off with the exciting news. Events are scheduled to RETURN to Mascot Insider. At this time, we are looking into hopefully covering the following events: including the NHL All-Star Mascot Events, NFL Pro Bowl Mascot Events, and even looking at expanding back into having a chance to cover the UCA College Nationals Mascot Division either in person or virtually like we've done in the past. And of course, the BIGGEST thing to return in more than 2 Year is the Mascot Games in Orlando, Fla. Be sure to stay up to date on our Social Media Channels for updates as these events are subject to change.
Now let's talk about the Mascot Insider Brand. For the past 10 years, we've had the honor to cover the Mascot World and put a spotlight on the Mascot to show us one of the BEST Jobs in the world. That's why we've brought back our original slogan inspired by Matt Biegun, which is "The Next best thing to being inside the suit is being a Mascot Insider" we thank Matt Biegun for helping inspire this awesome slogan and we are thankful for what he's done to help us at Mascot Insider from time to time.
Also, you've may have noticed we just launched our newest Social Media Banners, which from time to time we plan to update with great events we've gotten to attend.  Also sometime in 2022, we are LAUNCHING an ALL-NEW Intro Video. We can't wait until production of this amazing project begins. It will highlight  our mission and what we do to both fans and mascots alike.
Also coming soon, there will be slight adjustments to our website. To have fans understand Mascot.blog awesome Social Features such as being able to upload your favorite photos to share with us, commenting on our articles, and more! Plus, we plan to be working closely with professional mascots on collecting feedback on how we can make Mascot.blog even more awesome.
And as you can tell Articles and Mascot.Blog is HERE to stay. We've revised the dissension to focus on Social Networks only and instead continue to have this amazing full featured website that we offer currently. So, look forward to some great content in 2022, including the hopeful return of Mascot Interviews!   
As we end this article, we also wanted to take a moment to THANK our former Team Members. The biggest thing I say even once they depart, they are ALWAYS a part of the Mascot Insider Family and even though they aren't currently active with us you never know they may be working with in the Background to continue to help us inspire this amazing community.
So today we’d like to thank the following for inspiring this journey and being with us you ALL mean the world to Mascot Insider for your help.
Navey U, Justin M, Steven C, John C, Ann Marie C, Jordan B
Well that's all we have for now we are SUPER excited for the future of Mascot Insider and can't wait till 2022 as the Sports world continues to recover from COVID-19.  We look forward to an exciting future and again on behalf of the entire Mascot.blog team THANK YOU for the support we love what we do and see you in 2022!


It's been Two Years Too Long...

COVID has put pause on lots of things in the Mascot World and things are finally changing. On June 4, 2020, the NBA announced they would return to finish the season at the Walt Disney World Resort. This return would place players in a "Bubble," and mascots would not be allowed to attend any of the events. This left mascots out of the sports world. The same rule applied when the NHL resumed its season, which was played in Canada at Rogers Place and Scotiabank Arena. With these Bubbles,  mascots were not able to entertain the players or fans watching on television.
Now the good news. Through social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, some mascots continued to interact with fans, and some even became creative and did Paid or Free Zoom Meet and Greets and more. This allowed mascots to do what they do best — put a smile on the faces of fans. A prominent example is Toro from the Houston Texans football team who was able to do LIVE Zoom Calls and Crash into Student's Lessons to allow fans stuck at home learning to have some smiles. It was amazing to see and we've attached a clip below.

As things looked better with COVID, sports organizations started to allow players to return to their arenas or have Host Arenas instead of being stuck in a formal Bubble. While this was good news for many fans, it still was an issue with mascots. When the NFL announced they were beginning operations, it was advised that NFL Mascots would be restricted from stepping foot on the field; the same applied to others such as the NBA, MLB, and the MiLB. This again stopped mascots from interacting directly with players, with fans still being suspended in the area. But this also brought some bright spots for mascots. Many mascots discovered they were permitted to do other things and broadcast it on their social media networks. This included being allowed to do fun skits in the arena's seating areas and even use some lounges as spaces to do fun things. This is WHY mascots are fantastic. Even in a pandemic, it allowed them to still interact with fans while their team played. I've attached some examples, and the fun mascots did during this time.
And that's just the small snip of what Mascots did during the sports shutdown. Now onto today's date of November 2021, sports are BACK!! Fans are slowly returning to the stands, and Mascots restrictions are gradually being lifted, which allows them again to see fans' faces and make them smile. It's been a crazy two years, but we are SO excited to see everything returning to normal. We here at Mascot Insider have also lost great events such as IAAPA and Mascot Games, but thankfully, event's are coming back for us to attend! We are very excited to be slowly returning back soon, and we THANK all the amazing fans for the support you've offered, including the great mascots. Let's make the upcoming 2022 amazing and onward.
Founder of Mascot.Blog
Justin J
Photo Credit: Chris Szagola from the AP.


Franklin Philadelphia 76ers Mascot Wins 2020 NBA Jon Absey Leadership Award

Today it's been released that Franklin, the Official Mascot for the Philadelphia 76ers, also known as "Fan's Best Friends," has taken home this year's NBA Jon Absey Leadership Award. Jon Absey created this award, originally who's was the original Utah Jazz Bear mascot. Per the NBA, the award is presented during the NBA Mascot Conference. It is given to a mascot who demonstrates leadership not only on the court but also in respect to performance, fan and community engagement, and mentorship.
With the NBA Teams returning to the arenas, Franklin has a fantastic spot that still allows him to perform safely and intact with fans via Social Media and those who might attend the games in person. We've watched it many times all the fun he's had and congratulate him on this award! He's also proudly a Mascot who's travel down to Orlando, FL for the Mascot Games. We hope to see him again soon!
This is another win for Mascot Games as this is yet another mascot taking home an award that attends the games. Below we've attached a video of the team 76ers honoring Franklin with all the fantastic work he's done for the squad! As well as some awesome photos from Franklin's official Twitter account showing casing him with the award.


Mascot Games in Orlando Postponed till 2022

Released by MascotGames.org has announced today that Mascot Games in Orlando. FL has been postponed till 2022! We are sadden to hear the news but understand the Health and Safety of everyone as well there’s still currently travel restrictions in place. At this present moment in time Mascot Games has not set a 2022 date and that well come at a later time! We’ve posted the entire announcement from there site below!  

Mascot Insider has FULL coverage of the event available from Videos to Photos of Years Past. We invite everyone to check them out while they wait! And also Follow Mascot Games on there social platforms as they post great content from time to time including fun content from mascots themselves! 
For more information regarding Mascot Games please visit MascotGames.org. 

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Bango Featured During Biden’s Inauguration

Yesterday was a new day for America as they welcomed it’s 46th President Joe Biden's for his inauguration Day and those who where watching may have been surprised to see Bango from the Milwaukee Bucks had a special message to show to America which we’ve posted below thanks to Timothy for posting it to twitter.


An Interview with Mini Mascot

Mascot Insider is excited to be taking a moment to interview Mini Mascot one of the First Kids Professional Mascot. 
What Team does he want to be on that he currently hasn't performed for?  
The Minnesota Vikings. Their football stadium seems really cool and Viktor the Viking is great! He came to our school last year to do an assembly and he was super fun to be around! 
What was it like getting a chance to work with Blue from the Colts?  
Fun! I got to be Blue, Junior and also got to try on their Blue Air suit. That was really cool and way different than a mascot head. The fans at the Colts game were crazy and made it so fun!
What is a Favorite Skit you've done in the Past?
My favorite skit was the Thunderstruck video with Benny the Bull. You can watch it on my Facebook page (Mini Mascot). We practiced most of the day and the players were warming up before the game and they watched us go through the skit. They thought it was funny so I knew it was going to work. The crowd went crazy when we did it during the game. I loved it! 
Do you have any input with whom you work or get to collaborate with? 
I watch a lot of videos of mascots and tell my mom about who would be fun to work with. She emails them and tries to make it work out. 
What made you want to become a Mascot?
I liked watching the mascot at our basketball games for the Skyforce in Sioux Falls. I wanted to watch videos of him on Youtube and we couldn’t find any. So, my mom did a search for basketball mascots and Benny the Bull came up right away. I was three years old then. I wanted to watch his videos all day long! I also wanted to be Benny for Halloween. So my mom put a costume together for me and that was the beginning of it all! (Attached are photos of the first game I ever performed – I was four years old – with Benny the Bull!)  
Are there any mascots in which you idolize? 
Benny the Bull, Aubie, Toro, Blue, Sluggerrr — and so many more! 
If you could design your character, what would you want it to be?   
That is a hard question. Maybe a hedgehog. I really like the hedgehog that Barry and Scott were in Europe. And I think it would be fun to be something like that. 

Photo Credit: Two Photos Provided by Nick's Mom Angela. Mini Mascot Nick Seen on the Left and Mini Mascot Performing as Mini Benny at a Bulls game.
What an Awesome interview we wanna congulate Mini Mascot on all those amazing things and being of the first Professional Mascot as a Kid. You can follow Mini Mascots Fun Adventures on the follow Social Media Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram. 


An Interview with Chompers

Mascot Insider is excited to present another Mascot Interview this time we are interviewing Chompers from the Yartford Yard Goats his pal Caden helped with the answers check them out below! 
What is a Favorite Skit you've done in the Past?  
My favorite skit I’ve done was a WWE  style royal rumble with 10 other mascots at a hockey game. It was in a big inflatable wrestling wring we all got in and once the bell rang everyone went at it. I had a WWE championship belt with the Hartford yardgoats logo on it and I lifted it up in the air and knocked someone over the ropes with it and the crown went insane it was the best feeling and the most memorable skit I’ve ever done so far. 
Are there any mascots in which you idolize?   
The mascots I “Idolize” are KC wolf and Stuff the Magic Dragon. I idolize them because ever since I was little and liked mascots I would always think to myself it’s crazy the amount of stuff they can do in that big suit and I never really understood how much it really takes to do that until I got in a suit that big (Chompers). 
How do you collaborate with ChewChew?  
I collaborate with ChewChew on TikTok we go to the baseball stadium once a week to load up on TikToks to post throughout the week. We also go to appearances together all the time and it’s truly amazing how much Chompers and ChewChew click when they do appearances together
What have you been doing since the Extended Off Season of Baseball? 
During the extended off season I have been joining  Zoom calls for kids and adults that have birthdays, I go to off site appearances and do drive by birthday party’s for kids and adults around CT it’s really awesome to put a smile on peoples faces especially in a time like now. Another thing I during the extended off season is make lots of TikToks and make Tweets for the Chompers twitter account. 
Based on what we’ve seen from your online Bio, we understand you like to do Bat Chewing any brand particular that you like the most? 
My favorite bat to chew would probably be a slugger Bat. 
We wanna thank Chompers and his pal Caden for taking the time to do an interview with us. You Can follow Chompers on TikTok, Twitter and can follow some of his adventures on the Facebook Team Page.


Chance Wins NHL Fan Choice as Best Mascot

The NHL Fan Choice Awards is hosted yearly and is an online Poll to vote in many categories. One of those being "Best Mascot" All NHL Mascots have a chance to win this title, and today Chance from the Vegas Golden Knights has taken home that award. The entire Mascot Insider Team would like to congratulate him on this fantastic win. We hope to see him at the NHL All-Star coming to Florida in either January or February! For now, you can experience him in the 2018 NHL Mascot Showdown Highlights below.


An Interview with The Hubbard Eagle

Mascot Insider is Pleased to have a Chat with The Hubbard Eagle, and His Pal Isaac has helped provide the answers. We hope you enjoy this Interview!  
What is a Favorite Skit you've done in the Past?  
My favorite skit would have to be those at Christmas time! The Eagle brings many gifts to basketball games during the holiday season; a favorite is giving some of Hubbard’s favorite older community members coal for Christmas, while kids can go home with teddy bears, dolls, and even Eagle Plushies. 
You attend a lot of Mascot Parties in the Area how do you normally get invited to those events?
I believe that with The Hubbard Eagle’s popularity growing rapidly, the invitations are easy to come by. The Hubbard Eagle has reached almost 100,000 people through his social networking (that peeked when I was recognized nationally) which gives an easy pass to a lot of recognition. The Eagle has been invited to events and games as far Florida & Oregon. I’ve become friends with many mascots so they also put in a good word to their teams.
What was it like to visit Disney World and compete in the Varsity Brands School Spirit Awards? 
 The whole week was so humbling, the send-off through town had community members lining the streets to wish me off to the National Awards Show! Being able to bring The Eagle to Disney was incredible! My whole family is obsessed with Disney, and we have visited almost every year. Of course, this visit was special. During the awards show, there were many points that The Eagle had the whole crowd involved, many of which were not aired on CBS Sports (The Official Award Show Taping). At one point the audience was chanting as I stood on my chair dancing to the DJ music during a commercial break. I had almost every local news channel calling me asking for phone interviews when I was in Orlando! It was an awesome and very rewarding week! I’m just glad I was able to represent Hubbard in such a positive way, at the end of the day that’s my goal. 
Are there any mascots in which you idolize?
Of course! A lot of my work comes from my interests in The Phanatic, Orbit, and Gritty! A close role model I have is Sir CC of the Cavs. I like to think of him as a personal idol, he works hard to create something special for Cleveland and has shown me a lot of what I’m capable of doing! He even called me up while I was in Disney to congratulate me. I wish every young aspiring mascot had someone like him to show that with hard work, you can reach your goals. 
How has the Prize Money that you’ve earned from winning the Varsity Brands School Spirit Awards helped?
Although the prize money was the last thing on my mind during the award show, it has really helped to bring some serious professionalism to the program. All jerseys are now made custom and designed professionally including mascot handlers, new props, costume pieces, and even expenses to pay off travel. 
Do you have a favorite sport that you like to attend or perform? 
My favorite to attend is Hubbard’s Friday Night Football Games. The fans are crazy there and I am able to work the crowd really well. It’s for sure the season I look forward to all year. To perform is for sure basketball games. I do two big halftime shows each year, while also being able to provide various skits, costumes, and giveaways for the fans during the course of the season. Outside of Hubbard,  I love to bring The Eagle to hockey games! He has his own custom-fitted hockey jersey that’s fitted to his wings! The ice is really fun to play on and the crowd really gets into it! At various professional minor league hockey games, The Eagle has participated in football games, obstacle courses, kickball, races, broomball, and dance-offs which all took place on the ice! 
What was it like attending the opening of The Mascot Hall of Fame? 
Being able to attend The Mascot Hall Of Fames, Grand Opening was not only historic for The Hubbard Eagle, but for the Hall Of Fame. No matter where the future takes sports mascots in the Hall Of Fame, the grand opening photograph will forever hold Slugger (Kansas City Royals), KC Wolf (Kansas City Chiefs), Lil’ Red (Nebraska), Nittany Lion (Penn State), Tommy Hawk (Chicago Blackhawks), Thunder & Mini Thunder (Lake Elsinore Storm), and of course The Hubbard Eagle arguably one of the most iconic mascots through High Schools in America. It was also inspiring to see how true dedication to a mascot program can lead to making such an impact on the sports industry by being placed in the Hall Of Fame, where only the greatest are placed, I’d love to be just a little bit like every one of them!
In conclusion, I love what I do. It’s a job that all you do is make people happy and laugh! I’m thankful for those who have got me to where I am, and the catch of being a high school mascot is, every one of my appearances has been free of charge which helps me reach out to a variety of different people and groups. The Hubbard Eagle is a dream come true.
We want to thank The Hubbard Eagle and his Pal Isaac for joining us for an interview today. You can find The Hubbard Eagle on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Stay tuned as we bring you more Mascot Interview over the upcoming weeks right here on MascotInsider.com!   


Benny the Bull Takes Home Best In Dance Award

The fans have voted, and Benny the Bull has officially won the Shortly Awards "Best In Dance Award" Benny the Bull has some impressive dance moves, and we feel this is a well-deserved award. We've posted below a TikTok video showing off his moves. Benny the Bull has made TikTok pretty popular along with the mascot community with over 2.3 Million Followers and above 32 Million Views on the platform. The entire MascotInsider Team would like to congratulate Benny on this impressive award!
Benny the Bull has also attended the popular Mascot Games in Orlando, FL below we've attached the exact mark showing him performing in the Dance Off Battle with his team.


Mascot Happy Hour Hosted Thursday's and Mascot U Update

Every Thursday at 7:00 PM EST is a zoom chat called Mascot Happy Hour presented by Glenn Street Owner of Street Characters, and it features Robert Boudwin former Clutch the Rocket Bear. This community happy hour allows performers to get together during these times and discuss different topics weekly how what they can do to bring exciting things to there mascot program. If you are involved with a Mascot, it's a great way to connect with others and get some excellent ideals. We've posted the link below on how to request to join the group you'll see Founder/Director poping in listening as well and sometimes talking.
Also recently, Mascot U, a great networking and educational event for Mascots and those wishing to get into that field have announced they have moved the dates to August 13 - 15, 2020, hosted at the Mascot Hall of Fame in Whiting, IN (East Chicago Area). Street Characters are hosting this event as well. And right now, you can get special pricing and pay your fees in four installments as low as $95, and Full Refund offered if the event has to be canceled. While I have not attended this event, it's recommended as there have been many great reviews, and the guest speakers this year are amazing and well help you grow your mascot. 
For more information about Mascot U Click Here and to Request Membership to join the Weekly Zoom Meeting Mascot Happy Hour Click Here.
Thank you to MascotInsider User Zez for the Photo Submission. 



New Hope for Kids has announced the Mascots that will compete in the 26th Annual Mascot Games Presented by Wawa, taking place at Amway Center on Friday, June 21st, at 12:30 p.m., and Saturday, June 22nd, at 2 p.m.  Participating Mascots include STUFF from the Orlando Magic, Knightro from the University of Central Florida, Kingston from Orlando City and fan favorite Sir CC from the Cleveland Cavaliers.  The complete list is below. 
“We hear each year from those who attend how truly entertaining this event is. They think it is for the kids, but adults enjoy the Mascots just as much,” said Dave Joswick, Executive Director of New Hope for Kids. “Our ambassador, Orlando Magic’s Stuff, has invited top notch talents, all who love to steal the limelight, and who also love knowing they’re helping kids.”
Twenty-four of the best and most popular Mascots from across North America will join STUFF, the event’s host mascot, for the annual competition. Mascots from MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, ECHL, MLS and NCAA will be divided into four teams as they compete against each other in wild and zany games to determine the true champions of the mascot world.
Special halftime acts have been secured for 2019.  Friday, June 21 hosts WeFlip Entertainment and on Saturday, June 22 Elevate Studios will perform.  
Tickets for the Mascot Games Presented by Wawa are now on sale. General admission tickets start at $12 and can be purchased through amwaycenter.com, the Box Office at Amway Center, Ticketmaster retail locations, charge-by-phone at 800-745-3000, or at Ticketmaster.com. A limited number of VIP “Mascot Huddle” tickets, which include a Mascot meet and greet and reserved seating for Saturday’s performance, are available for $35 in advance and $40 the day of the event. Reserved seating will be available for $20 while supplies last. Group seating for Summer Camps is available by downloading a form from the event website at www.mascotgames.org under the “Camps” tab.
All proceeds from the Mascot Games Presented by Wawa benefit New Hope for Kids, which provides support to children and families grieving the death of a loved one, and grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses in Central Florida. Since its inception, the event has raised more than $550,000 for New Hope for Kids.
26th Annual Mascot Games Presented by Wawa Participating Mascots:
·      Benny the Bull – Chicago Bulls
·      Blooper – Atlanta Braves
·      Captain Fear – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
·      Carlton – Toronto Maple Leafs
·      Chomps – Cleveland Browns
·      Golazo – Miami FC
·      Howler – Arizona Coyotes
·      Jazz Bear – Utah Jazz
·      KC Wolf – Kansas City Chiefs
·      Kingston – Orlando City Soccer Club
·      Knightro – University of Central Florida
·      Lil’ Red – University of Nebraska
·      Louie – St. Louis Blues
·      N.J. Devil – New Jersey Devils
·      Raymond – Tampa Bay Rays
·      Rocky the Bull – University of South Florida
·      Rumble – Oklahoma City Thunder
·      Sebastian – University of Miami
·      Shades – Orlando Solar Bears
·      Sir CC– Cleveland Cavaliers
·      South Paw – Chicago Whitesox
·      Stanley – Florida Panthers
·      STUFF – Orlando Magic
·      ThunderBug – Tampa Bay Lightning
About New Hope for Kids
Since 1996, New Hope for Kids has been helping Central Florida children in need.  Our purpose is to bring hope, healing and happiness to children and families suffering from grief, loss or life-threatening illnesses. New Hope for Kids achieves this through two programs: The Center for Grieving Children helps children and families cope with the feelings of grief and loss after the death of a loved one. Wishes for Kids grants wishes to children up to the age 19, diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. For more information visit

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