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Stanley and Bernie Lead Florida Charge to the Finals: A Boom for the Sunshine State

In a thrilling turn of events, Florida's sports scene is on fire as both Stanley, the beloved mascot of the Florida Panthers, and Bernie, the charismatic mascot of the Miami Heat, are leading their respective teams to the finals.
The two larger-than-life characters have brought not just a surge of excitement to their teams but also an unprecedented wave of anticipation across the state of Florida. The Sunshine State is buzzing with the prospect of back-to-back victories in the NHL and NBA championships.
Stanley the Panther has been a staple of the Florida Panthers since 1995, charming fans with his playful antics and high-energy routines. Named after the coveted Stanley Cup, Stanley's heartening presence at every Panthers' game is believed to be a source of inspiration for the team. Stanley's spirit, coupled with the Panthers' tenacity, has played a key role in steering them towards the Stanley Cup Finals this year.
Similarly, Bernie, the anthropomorphic flame-clad mascot of the Miami Heat, has been lighting up the NBA scene since 1988. Bernie's fun-loving nature and engaging dances have made him a crowd favorite. His vibrant personality mirrors the Heat's dynamic and powerful playstyle, which has been instrumental in their journey to the NBA Finals.
For both Stanley and Bernie, the finals represent more than just an opportunity for their teams to win. It is a chance to ignite the pride of Florida, a state rich with diverse cultures and passionate sports fans. Their performances, much like their teams, reflect the determination, resilience, and spirit of Florida's people.
As the two mascots rally their teams for the big showdowns, the camaraderie and friendly competition between them have given fans something extra to cheer for. The fact that both Stanley and Bernie are from the same state has sparked a "friendly state rivalry", adding another layer of excitement to these championships.
It's more than just mascots leading their teams to the finals—it's a testament to Florida's spirit and its sporting culture. It's a celebration of the hard work, determination, and talent present in the state. And most importantly, it's a moment of unity, as fans across Florida come together to support their teams, rallying behind Stanley and Bernie.
As the NHL and NBA Finals begin to get started, one thing is certain: the Sunshine State will be basking in the spotlight. Whether it's on the icy rinks with Stanley or the sizzling courts with Bernie, Florida is geared up to showcase its sports prowess. No matter the outcome, the journey of Stanley and Bernie to the finals has already brought much joy and pride to the state, proving that when it comes to sports, Florida is indeed a force to be reckoned with.

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Mascot Hall of Fame 2023: Last Call to Vote! (CLOSED)

It’s the last day to cast your votes for the prestigious Mascot Hall of Fame. This year, we have a stellar line-up of mascots representing various sports organizations, from the NCAA to the NFL, MLB, NHL, CFL, and even an independent program. They have been entertaining fans and rallying their teams, and now they're up for your votes. Here's a rundown of this year's remarkable nominees:
Rameses from the University of North Carolina brings the energy to every NCAA game, while TORO from the Houston Texans serves as the fierce NFL representative from the Lone Star State.
Miles, the Broncos’ spirited horse, proudly represents Denver in the NFL, while Jaxson de Ville, Jacksonville Jaguars' dynamic cat mascot, has been thrilling NFL fans with his daredevil antics.
The Blue Devil from Duke University is an NCAA crowd-pleaser, while Punter, the hardy elk from the Edmonton Elks, waves the CFL flag.
From the NHL, we have Bailey, the lion mascot of the Los Angeles Kings, and YoJo, a health and fitness champion from an independent program, makes an unusual but highly commendable entry.
Cozmo brings cosmic energy to every LA Galaxy soccer game in the MLS, while Goldy, the gopher from the University of Minnesota, keeps the spirits high in the NCAA.
The NFL's Freddie Falcon from Atlanta Falcons flies high, while Otto the Orange brings a burst of cheer to every Syracuse University NCAA game.
The Bearcat from the University of Cincinnati is a beloved figure in the NCAA, while Wally the Green Monster from the Boston Red Sox and Slugger from the Portland Sea Dogs represent MiLB respectively.
Buzz the vibrant yellow jacket from Georgia Tech has been a long-standing NCAA favorite, while Blitz, the high-powered sea hawk from the Seattle Seahawks, makes his presence felt in the NFL.
Finally, we have Staley Da Bear from the Chicago Bears, who embodies the strength and spirit of the NFL franchise.
To cast your votes, head over to the Mascot Hall of Fame website. Click on the "Vote Now" button, and select your favorite mascots. Remember, your vote counts and could decide the fate of these mascots. This is your chance to make sure your favorite mascot gets the recognition it deserves. Make your voice heard and vote now!
Keep in mind that voting closes today at Midnight CDT. Don't miss this last chance to support your favorite mascot in their quest for Hall of Fame glory. 
UPDATE Sun May 28th 1:00 AM EST. Voting is now Closed please stay tuned to us and Mascot Hall of Fame for results.

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What’s New at IAAPA 2022

After two years, Team Insider once again had the honor of attending IAAPA Expo 2022 and learning what’s new from the industry’s leading mascot manufacturers.
We’ll start off with International Mascots LLC. Insider John interviews the wonderful Tom Sapp, who has been with International Mascots for quite some time. You also may notice in the background some friends from the Great Wolf Lodge and their own friend Patches who joins in as a surprise later on. 
Up next is our friends Costume Specialists. As many know, they are a unique company that specialize in both fur and inflatable fur costumes. It’s always a joy to interview them. Insider John sits down with President of Costume Specialists, Greg Manger about what’s new for them as well as how they’ve been handling the Covid-19 pandemic. 
We next move onto Creations JCT and Robot Costumes, which are mainly based in Mascouche, Quebec, Canada. They've made some cool mascots including Yuppi and more. John sits and talks with Jean-Claude, President of Creations JCT.
  Finally we are so excited to welcome a company new this year to the IAAPA Expo. We've talk with an awesome company called Loonie Times, which is based from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. They even have their own company mascot, which is displayed in the background of the video. John sits down with them and talks about what's new for them as they join the IAAPA Show Floor for the first time.      Well that's it for our IAAPA 2022 coverage. It was an incredible year for IAAPA and lots of amazing things going on for sure.  To celebrate a fantastic return for us here at IAAPA, we decided to have a little fun. Say hello to the IAAPA Bloopers. We hope you enjoy them and until next year, this is Team Insider signing off from IAAPA 2022!    


An Interview with Top Gunner

Mascot Interviews Is Back and Mascot Insider is pleased to present an interview with Top Gunner the official mascot for the West Texas Warbirds take a read below.
Can you tell the Fans a little about your Self and how you became to be the Mascot for Warbird Football Team? 
I'm Bishop Greene aka Mascot Sensei and I've been a mascot entertainer for over 20 years.  I've entertained masses from high school to my collegiate days as Sammy the Bearkat for Sam Houston State. As semi-pro/ professional entertained for the Midland RockHounds ( minor league affiliate of the Oakland A's) and the Odessa Jackalopes (NAHL hockey).
Which lead me to this new opportunity to entertain as Top Gunner.  Interesting enough, the WTX Warbirds play in the same arena and the owner loved what he witnessed while I entertained the hockey fans and I was asked if I would be the mascot for their sports franchise. I said yes and the rest is history.  It was exciting to be a part of creating a mascot for a new team and having complete control developing the character's persons from scratch.
Your team has taken home the Championship Two Times so Far. And now you’re joining the NAL League in 2023 how excited are you for the Team and for yourself? 
I'm super excited about entering the NAL, where they not only the players and fans but also the mascots. They have a mascot of the year award and I am going to compete for the award next season!  The West Texas Warbirds are undefeated and fully expect to be challenged next season.  We have a target on our backs and we know it but I'm confident that we'll be ready for whichever team we play first.  It's been a wild two years for us and our fans are starting gel with this franchise.
Is there a Favorite Skit you've done in the Past on the Field or off the Field?  
One of my personal favorite skits was when I came out to the intro music of James Brown's "Living in America" in front of a baseball crowd in complete awe! It was July 4th and I rocked it!!! I've done skits that received way more appreciation but that one moment I appreciate so much because I introduced the Godfather of soul to a crowd that had no idea he existed! 🤣🤣🤣
Do you have a Pre-Game Ritual if so, what is it or if so, what do you do? 
I sometimes like to walk amongst the crowds entering the arena before the game begins and scope out fans that appear ready for fun times! I read crowds and navigate from there.
How is a game structured for yourself (are you free to do as you please or is it be in a certain area until a certain time)
 As Top Gunner, it varies from game to game.  There may be sponsored events that require my presence. Other times I'm able to improvise. This franchise has shown that it trusts my mascot experience and appreciates my ability to entertain our fans.
Do you have a favorite Fan Interaction or Memory if so, what is it?  
I have certain things that I'll do for certain fans and it's just wit inside joke between the mascot and the fan. Every "penalty box heckle" moment is a favorite of mine. The crowds would get rowdy and I fed off of their energy.  But the most memorable moment I had as a mascot was during my days as Sammy the Bearkat. I was standing on the sidelines of the football field and became (informally) introduced to the late Steve "Air" McNair as he was hit out of bounds. Steve later became the starting NFL QB of the Tennessee Titans. The moment was brief but never forgotten!
We wanna thank Top Gunner and his pal Bishop Greene for taking the time to do an interview with us. You can follow Top Gunner on Twitter and follow some of his adventures on the Facebook as well. Plus you can also Follow his pal Bishop with his Facebook Page by Clicking Here. 


Mascot Games Postponed Till 2023

For many years, Mascot Insider has had the chance to cover the best event in Orlando, FL  —  The Mascot Games at Amway Center. This event supports a foundation called New Hope for Kids, which helps Central Florida children in need. Their purpose is to bring hope, healing, and happiness to children and families suffering from grief, loss, or life-threatening illnesses. New Hope for Kids achieves this through two programs. With the Mascot Games, they feature approximately 30 mascots from sports teams across the country competing in various games, all while raising funds for New Hope for Kids.
As we all know, for the past two years we've been going through the Coronavirus Pandemic. We are sad to report fans will have to wait another year for the Mascot Games to return. They've updated their website to confirm that the 2022 event has been canceled. We are sad to hear this as this will mark the third year the event has been canceled. We realize how important this event is for New Hope for Kids. Mascots that compete to become the Mascot Games Champion also take home a trophy. We've posted the official statement from mascotgames.org website below. 

While we again are sad to hear Mascot Games has officially been canceled for 2022, we are excited to see the Mascot Games 5K is officially BACK ON this year. Fans around the world can participate in this fun at Home event and help raise funds for New Hope for Kids at the same time! The event is scheduled for July 16-23, 2022. For more information, visit https://mascotgames.org. You can also email to info@mascotgames.org to find out when registration opens. 
On behalf of the entire Mascot Insider Team, we can't wait until the Games return in 2023. For now, we are excited that the 5K has returned! And if you'd like more information about New Hope for Kids, such as volunteering or donating to this fantastic foundation, please visit https://newhopeforkids.org.

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NHL Mascot Showdown set for 2022 Honda All-Star Weekend in Las Vegas

Just released by NHL Public Relations is that the NHL Mascot Showdown is returning for 2022 at the All-Star Weekend in Las Vegas! And our team we'll be covering some of the events thanks to one of our incredible Insider, Chris! You can read the full press release below.
NEW YORK -- The 2022 Truly Hard Seltzer NHL Fan Fair™ at the Las Vegas Convention Center West Hall will be the site of the seventh NHL Mascot Showdown™ presented by Upper Deck as part of the 2022 Honda NHL® All-Star Weekend, Feb. 3-6, in Las Vegas. Fourteen Western Conference mascots, led by the Vegas Golden Knights' own Chance™, will face fourteen Eastern Conference mascots, guided by Iceburgh™ from the Pittsburgh Penguins, in three days of friendly but fierce competition. 
The NHL Mascot Showdown™ presented by Upper Deck is one of the most anticipated events at the 2022 Truly Hard Seltzer NHL Fan Fair™, the official fan festival of the 2022 Honda NHL® All-Star Weekend. Twenty-eight NHL Mascots™ (not every NHL team has its own mascot) will showcase their hockey skills and athletic prowess, offering family-friendly fun for fans of all ages. For the seventh time, NHL in-arena host Mike Todd will handle play-by-play duties for each event. Each competition will be preceded by a Mascot Parade to the rink followed by a ceremonial puck drop and mascot group photo. Two lucky young fans in attendance will be selected to lead the parade.
"We are excited to bring puck fans of all ages together to experience the NHL Mascot Showdown like never before," said Jodi Wasserman, Vice President of Marketing at Upper Deck. "Throughout the weekend we will be offering a variety of fun, family-friendly activities including Box Hockey, Pack Wars, Mascot BINGO, and more! Visit the Upper Deck Rink or Booth for a full schedule of events."
"We're thrilled to be working with Upper Deck this year for the seventh NHL Mascot Showdown," said Dave McCarthy, NHL Group Vice President, Consumer Products. "Together, we plan to create great memories for our fans attending NHL Fan Fair and the mascots are thrilled to represent their teams as they compete for the championship trophy in this year's competition."
A ticket is required for entry into the 2022 Truly Hard Seltzer NHL Fan Fair™. Tickets for each day are available in advance at NHL.com/FanFair at $15 for adults and $12 for youth, seniors, college students and members of the military. Children three years of age and under will be admitted free of charge. All tickets are subject to applicable fees.
Below is a schedule of NHL Mascot Showdown™ presented by Upper Deck events and competitions (all times are Pacific Time and subject to change). All competitions listed below will take place at the 2022 Truly Hard Seltzer NHL Fan Fair™ located inside the Las Vegas Convention Center West Hall.
Thursday, Feb. 3
4:30 p.m.   Dodgeball
7 p.m. Costume Contest
Saturday, Feb. 5
6 p.m.       Skills Competition
Sunday, Feb. 6
1 p.m.       Broomball
3 p.m.       Medieval Games
4 p.m. 2022 NHL Mascot Showdown Championship Trophy and "Most Valuable Mascot" Championship Belt presentations
The NHL Mascot Showdown™ presented by Upper Deck teams will feature.
Eastern Conference NHL Mascots™
Metropolitan Division
Stormy™ from the Carolina Hurricanes
Stinger™ from the Columbus Blue Jackets
NJ Devil™ from the New Jersey Devils
Sparky™ from the New York Islanders
Gritty™ from the Philadelphia Flyers
Iceburgh™ from the Pittsburgh Penguins
Slapshot™ from the Washington Capitals
Atlantic Division
Blades™ from the Boston Bruins
Sabretooth™ from the Buffalo Sabres
Stanley C. Panther™ from the Florida Panthers
Youppi!® from the Montreal Canadiens
SpartaCat™ from the Ottawa Senators
ThunderBug™ from the Tampa Bay Lightning 
Carlton™ from the Toronto Maple Leafs
Western Conference NHL Mascots™
Central Division
Howler™ from the Arizona Coyotes
Tommy Hawk™ from the Chicago Blackhawks
Bernie™ from the Colorado Avalanche
Victor E. Green™ from the Dallas Stars
Nordy™ from the Minnesota Wild
Gnash™ from the Nashville Predators 
Louie™ from the St. Louis Blues
Moose™ from the Winnipeg Jets
Pacific Division
Wild Wing™ from the Anaheim Ducks
Hunter™ from the Edmonton Oilers
Bailey™ from the Los Angeles Kings 
S.J. Sharkie™ from the San Jose Sharks
Fin™ from the Vancouver Canucks
Chance™ from the Vegas Golden Knights
Prior to the 2022 NHL All-Star Skills™ presented by DraftKings Sportsbook on Friday, Feb. 4 at 4:30 p.m. PT / 7:30 p.m. ET, the NHL will livestream the seventh NHL mascot ice hockey game from T-Mobile Arena on the NHL Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok accounts, and NHL.com at 3:19 p.m. PT / 6:19 p.m. ET. Fans can follow all of the live action from the NHL Mascot Showdown™ presented by Upper Deck across NHL social media platforms. Bios for each mascot can be found here. For the latest news on the 2022 Truly Hard Seltzer NHL Fan Fair™, fans can visit NHL.com/FanFair and follow the NHL on Twitter (@NHL) via the official hashtag #NHLAllStar.
2022 Truly Hard Seltzer NHL Fan Fair™ Public Hours of Operation 
Thursday, Feb. 3, 2022       3 p.m. - 9 p.m. PT 
Friday, Feb. 4, 2022 3 p.m. - 9 p.m. PT 
Saturday, Feb. 5, 2022       10 a.m. - 8 p.m. PT
Sunday, Feb. 6, 2022 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. PT


University of Cincinnati Bearcat Named 2022 National Champion from the UCA College Nationals

During January, many colleges head down to the ESPN World Wide of Sports and compete in the UCA College Nationals. As part of the selection process to compete in the Finals, Mascots must submit a Mascot Entry Tape to the UCA. This video must contain things that show the UCA how the Mascots impact their College spirit. The video must include Involvement with Sports Events, Community Events, and more. The videos are judged and scored by a team, and the Mascots with the highest scores are invited to perform a Final Skit at the ESPN World Wide of Sports.
Bearcat from the University of Cincinnati scored Second Place in that Video Submission and Aubie the Tiger made it a tie. Below, you can see Bearcat’s video. 
Both Bearcat and Aubie were invited to compete in the Finals for the 2022 Division IA Mascot Title. On January 15, all selected Mascots performed a skit that they've created on their own, and the biggest score wins. I was fortunate and took some time to head over to the ESPN World Wide of Sports and watch these college Mascots compete for that title. Let me tell you, all these college Mascots and their outstanding Cheer Teams did an amazing job. It was so much fun getting to see all the cheering. We've attached a preview video of the Skit that Bearcat performed.
As you can see, it's tons of fun for the college Mascots and it for sure causes lots of fun crowd engagement. After all Mascots performed, the results take some time to come. So while waiting, the Mascots came out on the stage and did a little more dancing, with fans and college cheer teams cheering on their Mascot. We've posted a little clip of that blow.
During my time, I happened to sit by Cincinnati Cheer Team. As results were being called, it was a very nerve-racking time for all the students and fans. Once the Second Place winner was announced, which was The University of Tennessee’s Smokey, it was time to hear the First Place winner. Even I stood up and cheered as Bearcat was officially named 2022 National Champion for the Division IA Mascot. It was an exciting moment for the entire team as this was Bearcat's first-ever award for that division. I've attached that Video below.
We are grateful to have seen this all occur live. And we want to congratulate all the Mascots for their hard work during this week's competition. Mascot Insider's passion is to cover things like this, and we think all Mascots are excellent and love what they do.
We look forward to covering this event again. And check all the rest of the fantastic photos we took and the video below.
Click here for the FULL Results of the Mascots from Both Divisions


Learn More About Mascot.Blog 2022 Plans

Greetings Fans & Mascots
On behalf of the entire team at Mascot.Blog we are so happy to be back and beginning to resume the full features of the website Our article "It's Been Two Years Too Long" has been well received and we are so honored for the support we've received from Fans and Mascots over the years and we understand how crazy it's been. Today I'm excited to share plans for Mascot Insider in 2022. So let's dig in!
Let's start off with the exciting news. Events are scheduled to RETURN to Mascot Insider. At this time, we are looking into hopefully covering the following events: including the NHL All-Star Mascot Events, NFL Pro Bowl Mascot Events, and even looking at expanding back into having a chance to cover the UCA College Nationals Mascot Division either in person or virtually like we've done in the past. And of course, the BIGGEST thing to return in more than 2 Year is the Mascot Games in Orlando, Fla. Be sure to stay up to date on our Social Media Channels for updates as these events are subject to change.
Now let's talk about the Mascot Insider Brand. For the past 10 years, we've had the honor to cover the Mascot World and put a spotlight on the Mascot to show us one of the BEST Jobs in the world. That's why we've brought back our original slogan inspired by Matt Biegun, which is "The Next best thing to being inside the suit is being a Mascot Insider" we thank Matt Biegun for helping inspire this awesome slogan and we are thankful for what he's done to help us at Mascot Insider from time to time.
Also, you've may have noticed we just launched our newest Social Media Banners, which from time to time we plan to update with great events we've gotten to attend.  Also sometime in 2022, we are LAUNCHING an ALL-NEW Intro Video. We can't wait until production of this amazing project begins. It will highlight  our mission and what we do to both fans and mascots alike.
Also coming soon, there will be slight adjustments to our website. To have fans understand Mascot.blog awesome Social Features such as being able to upload your favorite photos to share with us, commenting on our articles, and more! Plus, we plan to be working closely with professional mascots on collecting feedback on how we can make Mascot.blog even more awesome.
And as you can tell Articles and Mascot.Blog is HERE to stay. We've revised the dissension to focus on Social Networks only and instead continue to have this amazing full featured website that we offer currently. So, look forward to some great content in 2022, including the hopeful return of Mascot Interviews!   
As we end this article, we also wanted to take a moment to THANK our former Team Members. The biggest thing I say even once they depart, they are ALWAYS a part of the Mascot Insider Family and even though they aren't currently active with us you never know they may be working with in the Background to continue to help us inspire this amazing community.
So today we’d like to thank the following for inspiring this journey and being with us you ALL mean the world to Mascot Insider for your help.
Navey U, Justin M, Steven C, John C, Ann Marie C, Jordan B
Well that's all we have for now we are SUPER excited for the future of Mascot Insider and can't wait till 2022 as the Sports world continues to recover from COVID-19.  We look forward to an exciting future and again on behalf of the entire Mascot.blog team THANK YOU for the support we love what we do and see you in 2022!


It's been Two Years Too Long...

COVID has put pause on lots of things in the Mascot World and things are finally changing. On June 4, 2020, the NBA announced they would return to finish the season at the Walt Disney World Resort. This return would place players in a "Bubble," and mascots would not be allowed to attend any of the events. This left mascots out of the sports world. The same rule applied when the NHL resumed its season, which was played in Canada at Rogers Place and Scotiabank Arena. With these Bubbles,  mascots were not able to entertain the players or fans watching on television.
Now the good news. Through social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, some mascots continued to interact with fans, and some even became creative and did Paid or Free Zoom Meet and Greets and more. This allowed mascots to do what they do best — put a smile on the faces of fans. A prominent example is Toro from the Houston Texans football team who was able to do LIVE Zoom Calls and Crash into Student's Lessons to allow fans stuck at home learning to have some smiles. It was amazing to see and we've attached a clip below.

As things looked better with COVID, sports organizations started to allow players to return to their arenas or have Host Arenas instead of being stuck in a formal Bubble. While this was good news for many fans, it still was an issue with mascots. When the NFL announced they were beginning operations, it was advised that NFL Mascots would be restricted from stepping foot on the field; the same applied to others such as the NBA, MLB, and the MiLB. This again stopped mascots from interacting directly with players, with fans still being suspended in the area. But this also brought some bright spots for mascots. Many mascots discovered they were permitted to do other things and broadcast it on their social media networks. This included being allowed to do fun skits in the arena's seating areas and even use some lounges as spaces to do fun things. This is WHY mascots are fantastic. Even in a pandemic, it allowed them to still interact with fans while their team played. I've attached some examples, and the fun mascots did during this time.
And that's just the small snip of what Mascots did during the sports shutdown. Now onto today's date of November 2021, sports are BACK!! Fans are slowly returning to the stands, and Mascots restrictions are gradually being lifted, which allows them again to see fans' faces and make them smile. It's been a crazy two years, but we are SO excited to see everything returning to normal. We here at Mascot Insider have also lost great events such as IAAPA and Mascot Games, but thankfully, event's are coming back for us to attend! We are very excited to be slowly returning back soon, and we THANK all the amazing fans for the support you've offered, including the great mascots. Let's make the upcoming 2022 amazing and onward.
Founder of Mascot.Blog
Justin J
Photo Credit: Chris Szagola from the AP.


Franklin Philadelphia 76ers Mascot Wins 2020 NBA Jon Absey Leadership Award

Today it's been released that Franklin, the Official Mascot for the Philadelphia 76ers, also known as "Fan's Best Friends," has taken home this year's NBA Jon Absey Leadership Award. Jon Absey created this award, originally who's was the original Utah Jazz Bear mascot. Per the NBA, the award is presented during the NBA Mascot Conference. It is given to a mascot who demonstrates leadership not only on the court but also in respect to performance, fan and community engagement, and mentorship.
With the NBA Teams returning to the arenas, Franklin has a fantastic spot that still allows him to perform safely and intact with fans via Social Media and those who might attend the games in person. We've watched it many times all the fun he's had and congratulate him on this award! He's also proudly a Mascot who's travel down to Orlando, FL for the Mascot Games. We hope to see him again soon!
This is another win for Mascot Games as this is yet another mascot taking home an award that attends the games. Below we've attached a video of the team 76ers honoring Franklin with all the fantastic work he's done for the squad! As well as some awesome photos from Franklin's official Twitter account showing casing him with the award.


Mascot Games in Orlando Postponed till 2022

Released by MascotGames.org has announced today that Mascot Games in Orlando. FL has been postponed till 2022! We are sadden to hear the news but understand the Health and Safety of everyone as well there’s still currently travel restrictions in place. At this present moment in time Mascot Games has not set a 2022 date and that well come at a later time! We’ve posted the entire announcement from there site below!  

Mascot Insider has FULL coverage of the event available from Videos to Photos of Years Past. We invite everyone to check them out while they wait! And also Follow Mascot Games on there social platforms as they post great content from time to time including fun content from mascots themselves! 
For more information regarding Mascot Games please visit MascotGames.org. 

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Bango Featured During Biden’s Inauguration

Yesterday was a new day for America as they welcomed it’s 46th President Joe Biden's for his inauguration Day and those who where watching may have been surprised to see Bango from the Milwaukee Bucks had a special message to show to America which we’ve posted below thanks to Timothy for posting it to twitter.

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