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Mascot Games Postponed Till 2023

Insider Justin

For many years, Mascot Insider has had the chance to cover the best event in Orlando, FL  —  The Mascot Games at Amway Center. This event supports a foundation called New Hope for Kids, which helps Central Florida children in need. Their purpose is to bring hope, healing, and happiness to children and families suffering from grief, loss, or life-threatening illnesses. New Hope for Kids achieves this through two programs. With the Mascot Games, they feature approximately 30 mascots from sports teams across the country competing in various games, all while raising funds for New Hope for Kids.

As we all know, for the past two years we've been going through the Coronavirus Pandemic. We are sad to report fans will have to wait another year for the Mascot Games to return. They've updated their website to confirm that the 2022 event has been canceled. We are sad to hear this as this will mark the third year the event has been canceled. We realize how important this event is for New Hope for Kids. Mascots that compete to become the Mascot Games Champion also take home a trophy. We've posted the official statement from mascotgames.org website below. 

FireShot Capture 054 - Home - Mascot Games - mascotgames.org.png

While we again are sad to hear Mascot Games has officially been canceled for 2022, we are excited to see the Mascot Games 5K is officially BACK ON this year. Fans around the world can participate in this fun at Home event and help raise funds for New Hope for Kids at the same time! The event is scheduled for July 16-23, 2022. For more information, visit https://mascotgames.org. You can also email to info@mascotgames.org to find out when registration opens. 

On behalf of the entire Mascot Insider Team, we can't wait until the Games return in 2023. For now, we are excited that the 5K has returned! And if you'd like more information about New Hope for Kids, such as volunteering or donating to this fantastic foundation, please visit https://newhopeforkids.org.

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