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A mascot interview with Rocky The Bull from USF

Justin Jolley

MascotInsider is proud to introduce another great Mascot Interview this time with Rocky the Bull from USF so let’s begin..

Question 1: When it’s game day do you also get the players excited before the game? Yes! For every home football game, I lead the team out onto the field! I run out of the tunnel with the players, carrying a huge USF flag from one end zone to the other. Then, I jump into the student section, where all of the students crowd surf me to get ready for the game. But, I must say that the most awesome time I had pumped up one of our teams before a game was during the Softball World Series in Oklahoma City this past year. Before we played Oklahoma in the first game, Coach Ken Erickson told the team that he had a very special guest for them. Then, he called me into the locker room before the girls took the field and I went bonkers. The team and I were so excited to be in the World Series!

Question 2: What is your favorite thing to do as a mascot? Little kids and our students are most dear to my heart! So taking pictures and signing autographs for them is the best!

Question 3: How awesome is it to be in the Celebrity Mascot Games? It is my favorite event every year! I circle my calendar for the Mascot Games because I know that is where the biggest and best mascots are every single summer. I love competing with them to see who the real champion of the mascot world is!

Question 4: Is there another mascots you learn from? All of the teams in the Tampa Bay area are very close with one another. Thunderbug, Raymond, and Captain Fear are some of my best friends. So naturally, I have learned a lot from them since we are at a lot of the same events every year.

Question 5: Do you do anything during off-season? There is NO off-season when you’re a mascot! The summer is one of the busiest times for me. I have freshmen orientations, photo and commercial shoots, the Mascot Games, and community appearances throughout the summer. We pride ourselves at USF as being one of the top community-engaged research universities in the nation.

Question 6: What is your favorite sport? No doubt about it….football!!! We love our USF Bulls football team and are extremely excited about the upcoming year. Big East basketball is my second favorite, especially with the new Sun Dome arena opening up this year! Everyone needs to find some time to come to Tampa and check it out!

Special thanks to Justin Jolley and his great crew at MascotInsider. Love the work you guys do!

In Bull Pride,
Rocky the Bull

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